Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An affair with emotions….

Late one night I sat down thinking about different expressions on the faces passing by and mused at their trigger points. I zeroed down to emotions and this was what I came up with...

Ever seen that vast sea-
Still water& bustling waves
Ever seen that cosmic sky-
Burning sun & serene rainbow
I have dissolved velvety memories in this sea
spewed dwindling thoughts into this sky

I have been the needle that stitches its prick
I have been the wick that melts its candle
I have been vulnerable & quivering
-coy silence on sensuous red lips
I have been mushy juicy cherry
-crushed between tangled tongue licks

I have felt sovereignty
of a bird set out of its cage
Free to fly-
I have felt confinement
of the trap of his arms
me ready to comply –

I have been pleased like the stray string
Just freed from a windblown tousled hair
I have been content like the clay
Secured in a thick pricey ware

I have been transparent like
black on white love letter
-from gramps to granny
I have been mysterious like
black dreamy almond eyes
-his martini’s ignominy

I have had the imprint of my gold band
-dint of thirty years
I have had the mark from a winning dive
-dent from jolly peers

I have been drunk for the losing goalie
-Had a thing for him
I have been drunk for crossing finishing line
-Got a kiss from him

I have been caught unawares
By a graze from a hurrying stranger
I have been lured into awareness
By a flick of robe over my shoulders

I have banged my head
For a yes to an on-the-knee proposal
Words stuck somewhere-
I have banged my head
For a song strummed on my guitar
Words blurred somewhere-

I have ached
for the lost Men in white,
on a lonely stormy night,
for the mother in labor,
for a birdie at mercy of a fowler .
I have missed
My mamma’s pat, bro’s smack
A dad’s high-five, my friend’s spank.
I have been perplexed
confusion rolling with the pen between my fingers
uncertainty potent in my weary cringers.

Cursed them, blessed them
Wished them, missed them
Emotions have played mayhem
pushed my mind aside, clogged my thoughts
pressed my heart tight , caressed my feelings
Emotions have nudged life
in my momentary existence,
in my fleeting subsistence.