Monday, May 24, 2010

Ohh Yes...That's me!

So I start blogging today, though I have been here from a long time and have read so many of them...Writing is quite contagious or at least I am not immune to it. 
What better way to start it than by writing about myself.
I am a Comp. Engineer and no I have not done MS or or MBA and do not want any such advices on why and how it is necessary (I don’t consider it as “Roti, Kapda, Makan followed by MS” as basics of an Engineer’s life). I have already gone through that tirade of speeches and am still not convinced. I am happily working, reading, writing and yeah baby..Earning!!! These degrees are just going to fetch me more money but I still would be reading, writing and WORKING! :-/

I am a through and through Mumbai girl. Since the past two and half years I have been roaming around different places for work. (By Places I mean B’lore, Hyd and now Pune) *sigh* I miss Mumbai n my family so very much. Why cant companies just send people to cities of their choice?

They say that I care a lot (hell lot..) about people even remotely connected to me.
That comes naturally to me from my family I guess…I have been brought up like that and love being that way. I place a lot of importance on Trust and I instantly dislike the person who breaches it. I believe in people. Everything else follows behind. I give a lot of importance to my Family, Friends n well..Foes :D. They are an eternal part of my life. I always need somebody to do certain things like: eat, shop, watch a movie, freak out, play pranks… But I need complete privacy when: I am reading some good fiction (which you will find me doing wheneva I am free) with gr8 Music playing in the background or when I am sitting on a sea-shore or under a quite star-studded night. Sea-shores and star-studded nights might sound a bit melodramatic but still they are my favorite. Though staying in Mumbai, I never lived near the sea-shore so they fascinate me a lot and as for moon-lit and star-studded nights they are rare these days what with this pollution.
I am an absolute workaholic, give and take a few odd jobs ;) I have this insane habit of going and helping people keeping my work aside, insane because I overdo it sometimes. But I still manage to complete mine. But I suppose this is common amongst all workaholics…or may be not.

I have a pretty complex mind. But so does everybody. Eva had a look at Human brains? I think a lot is what everybody says. Idle mind is a devil's workshop u c!
I twist even simple things..Hmmm…yeah I know. It is very complicated to think simple or may be I just entwine things a lot.

I have anger on my nose all the time, (:-s) it wasn’t evident before. But some incidents in life have made it pretty prominent these days. So I seem to go with the “Don’t mess with me” Sign these days. But my anger cools down at the speed it rises up. It’s just a momentary thing, it just explodes one minute and cools down the next minute. I basically go into defensive mood most of the time when this happens, but I tend to keep quite in such situations. It’s very difficult for me to scream out all the fury from my system on the concerned person. I generally leave the place quietly.
I hate comparisons. I simply can’t stand them. Every person is unique in their own right, accept it!! Stop being judgmental for once and try to appreciate the person for what she/he is…if you are skilled in one thing, then the other is skilled in some other skill. “Good, Better, Best” are relative terms. Beat yourself, it’s a better competition!!!

I follow cricket very closely and I play it as well. Other games which I like are basketball, throw ball. I am not much into Football, F1; but if my friends like to watch them I gladly join in. I am a good company to say so. And I am a damn good listener. People come to my desk and talk, talk and talk. That’s majorly because I don’t talk much and I end up listening to others (And I don’t mind it either, I am all ears to u, if u have something to say). People come with their frustrations, problems, good news. I gladly take all of it and give my valuable advices/responses/hmmms n ohhhs (they are so needed in a one-sided conversation).
I just recently found out that I love cooking. It refreshes me completely. I get very excited when I am doing something other than just eating or being a silent observer in the kitchen. I really like cutting vegetables and preparing curries. I am not a very good cook, but I manage preparing edible food. I am not a very big foodie either..I DO NOT like Paneer, Mushroom, Cheese, Pizzas and Burgers and I get heavily cursed for this because it possesses an immediate problem of limited hangout places :-/

I love sketching and I have made some few in PL during Engineering days. Right! Just the time when we were supposed to study, I used to sketch. No charcoal pencils involved.

I read a lot of fiction and I am a hopeless romantic (Yes, I am! Does that surprise you?). So you will find me with a romantic fiction most of the time. I have no qualms if you call me a typical girl for that (hmmm...that does sound like a typical girl!). But yes I am strictly against typical melodramas and philosophy over-done, they bug me to death. But, I simply love the way some people think and write. I like Sarcasm here and there in any write up. Some authors just awe me by their writing and I appreciate anybody who writes sense. Some of them have inspired me into writing. I am your girl if you have a good sense of humor or if you can at least appreciate it. So if you were thinking I am a tough nut to crack, and then let me break this to u, I am a thorough Gemini at heart (If you know what I mean). I just want to clear a common myth about Gemini people, No we are not two-faced nor do we have multiple personalities, accept it! And if you think we are, I find half the crowd like that. Most people fake themselves and I hate that attitude. Be yourself, it is such a good change!

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else”. ~Judy Garland
I truly believe in it!

So that’s precisely all about me…Period!
As I always say, you are your best Critic…So you keep on changing all your life…


Silver Polish said...

Nicely written.....but why do call yourself a hopeless romantic???
and we should have a cooking competition....i will win hands down... :D

Silver Polish said...

Amen to those words...
Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else

Erratic Thoughts said...

Haha... Yeah sure we could have cooking competition...I will gladly surrender even before starting it..U cook I will devour it :D

I call myself as a hopeles romantic bcoz, I know that, No Knight in shining armour is going to come galloping...but I still dream...Never mind...

Anyway,Thanx! :):)

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

Hey MD,

Thanks for dropping by on my page and for the kind words!

About your first post, this was one long but enjoyable read, thanks a lot for sharing :)

I welcome you to Blogosphere and look forward to read more of what you scribble here, blogrolling you!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogging! I look forward to seeing what you create.

(And thanks for your visit and kind words!)

Erratic Thoughts said...

@Sweety, Thanx for blogrolling me :)

I read some of your blogs, u r too good :)

@Jason, Anytime... I really liked your small narrations :)

Different Strokes said...

Hi Manasi,

Awesome write-up! I'm very glad & proud about the fact that you're now into blogging.

I'm fond of writing too. But my routine(yeah, that's right, reading, writing, working etc :)) keeps me from finding quality time for blogging. Ofcourse, off & on, I do indulge in some form of writing -
enough to make me feel good when I pen down my feelings as it works out to be a great stress buster & channelize my thoughts towards attaining self-satisfaction.

About your write-up, as far as i know you, you seem to have described yourself extremely accurately! :) .. Needless to say, you've got yourself all figured out & thus illustrated a fine example of the adage,'Knowing others in Knowledge, but knowing yourself is Wisdom'! :)

Keep blogging! .. & All the very best to your future write-ups!


Erratic Thoughts said...

Hey Neha,

Thanx for dropping by...
M glad you liked it and I know you are one person who knows me well to connect with this...

Just for you to know, I like your one-liners very much... You phrase them very nicely...

I am so happy to know that I text you the right msg at the right time.. ;)

Keep Reading...(I know u will,can count on you) :):)