Sunday, December 12, 2010

For a friend...

I have been real busy for the past two months, but no excuses...Here is my next post...
One of my friend is getting married and shifting places...
I am gonna miss her a lot...It's a bitter-sweet emotion. I wish her the best in her life ahead :)
This one is for her:
I wasn’t looking for it,
Or I thought so.
Until it came & found me
Wrapped me in its splendid warmth
Like the bonfire on a chilly winter dawn
Smiling brightly over me
Like the neon stars on a full moon night

But it came and went
Or I thought so.
Like the time flickering by
But, the besotted I resolved
Until chance comes again,
I'll let my thoughts dance upon the wind.

As I look
beyond the ripples of my reflections
to examine my inner self;
the ripples begin to fade
As the reflection lays beside me
grasping my hand
the vision of my reflection appears…
it has a name,
I think they call it friend
But I call it U!
~ET 2010
P.S.: Friends Forever! :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Threads of time...Magpie#36

Willow's Magpie Tales is bustling with poems on yet another interesting prompt:

Fate plays a game without a score
bringing me back where I grew
Musing at the apron of loneliness
covering me, hovering over me
in a room once painted with memoirs
opening a window down memory lanes
joints cricking , reminiscence aching
dusting those sun-kissed
work hardened hands
brows wiggling against blinding
rays of my county’s sun.

I see weeds sprouting despondently
worming a dried up backyard
where we rushed over fences
to catch the first carol every Christmas
where the castles in sandboxes
were the only known sands of time
when edgy rainy dull Sundays
stranded us in our rooms
waiting with noses against this window
chin upon clenched hands
sniffing running noses
spirits only soaring higher by the minute.

I changed, aged, matured
but this place remains unaffected
I’ve grown wings, wrinkles
challenged, failed, bruised with time
stabilized which was a gamble then
when daring an enemy-clad sibling
was the only mission in tow
failure was getting a B in art
while that neighbor’s acing it
bruising meant a wounded knee
or a scraped elbow over sunset
times do flicker and people do differ
you realize smiling a little
that was then & this is now…

~ET/MD, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Magpie #35...

Willow's Magpie Tales is up with a new prompt...Oh God! There comes a next one, in a blink of an eye!

I have two pieces for this:

Take #1

“It’s amber or…hmph…may be chrome yellow” she said.

“It’s dark yellow, I think”, he said.

“There is nothing known as dark yellow”

“Why is that? If you can have dark green or brown, what’s wrong with dark yellow?”

“No! It could be Urobilin or Goldenrod” her chin going up.

“Ahh…could be what?” he gave a no-clue expression.

“I said…”, then she looked up at the stranger beside her “Urobilin?...Goldenrod?” giving him a duh expression.

He shrugged with a blank expression.

“Let’s ask the artist. Who is it by the way? Do you know him?”

Narrowing her eyes and searching for a name on the painting…
”It’s some Nick Tad”, he interrupted.

“Ohh, do you know him?” she started scanning the room.

He removed his hands from his pockets, uncurling them first; pressed his lips tightly.
Coughing “Hi, this is Nick Tad and it’s dark yellow”, he informed.

Turning around, he left the room smiling; leaving behind a gaping completely insulted lassie.

Take #2
Arid, dry they fall
without a din
along a calm breeze
waving, swinging
back and forth
beckoning autumn
blithely ardent
lay in a golden-stretch
those aged leaves.

Churned, stomped
underneath a sadist being
they soar edgily
flinging dust
now making noise
summoning winter
sullenly somnolent
lay in a earthy-mellow
those aged leaves.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Magpie #34...first for me!

My first magpie on Willow's prompt.

Solitary, wickless
you blew out my fire
i still burn
silly ceiling fan
you chipped my wick
maiden, naïve.

You forgot
my metal still tepid
ashy tad hung in air
you overlook
the smudge I left
in the cold night.

I stand tall
abut the pane
sunshine warming me
in myriad colors
no more lonely
no more gloomy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Animated bus ride!

Rachel Fox drives the poetry bus this week and she has given an interesting prompt for ride.
This is my ticket for the ride-

Tom & Jerry

Roll n Spin, Spin n Roll
my eyes crawl along their trail
Hoping, jumping, chasing
Tom hunts Jerry, or
my hazy mind asks
is it Jerry hunting Tom?

Jerry’s shrewd attempts
wrecking, stomping
Tom’s feline femme seductions,
unrelenting struggles
to slice, chomp Tom
or chipping his tail
under that waffle iron,
hitting him with mace, club, mallet
brings out lion-in-Tom.

Cheese” meows Tom,
clicks Jerry in gobbledygook trap,
stashing him between bread crumbs
sautés amid lettuces, creamy pottages
in peppery & salty layers.

Loving & hating
they come to you
mind you!
they will saunter
in & out of one room
to other, then comes kitchen
followed by garden
two musketeers
will create mayhem
& humiliate laughing gasps
out of you.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Special Dedication...

I wanted to dedicate this post to two close friends of mine. They did something really exceptional this week. They have been a great help ever since I have known them but some days are just indescribable (and I am doing my best to put it into words!). S & R this is for you.
Yes you and you! Sitting there, reading this with a smile on your face and amusement glittering in those eyes. I can see it! This one is for you buddy!

What did they do, You ask? *with wide eyes*…Yeah?
Okay, so without further ado, I will dive straight into it.

It was Ganesh Visarjan (Departing of Lord Ganesha, to those who do not know this tradition) and there was heavy traffic all over Pune. I left office to catch the office bus scheduled at 8 o’clock in the evening unaware of the severity of the situation outside. It hit me belatedly and smack on my senses that buses had not left since 6:00 pm. The last bus left at 5.15. Since then due to heavy traffic buses were stationed in the premises sound and safe. Me and my friend (a female colleague…ahh chuck it, M I am referring to you!) just like everybody else patiently started waiting outside our office premises. Standing. 9:00 o’clock went by, 9.30p.m became 9.45 p.m.

My friends S and R (both guys) were worried about us because normally to reach my place it takes an hour. From where the bus drops me I have to walk for 15 mins. Going by the heavy traffic it was going to take more than 2.30 hrs to reach. So it was completely unsafe to be reaching and walking home after 12:00. These two guys come in shifts and have cabs at their disposal after every one hour. Normally they leave by 9.30p.m. Their cabs were ready to leave. S stays very much near my place but R goes in exactly opposite direction and it normally takes him more than 1.30 hrs to reach his place. So S after talking to me and hearing my panic-stricken voice, had a long discussion with R (as they put it), got down from his cab went to his cubicle got a temporary bus pass and rushed practically all the way from his cube to the bus at 9.50p.m. At around 10.00p.m finally the engines started reviving and buses were scheduled to leave.

R wanted to accompany us, but he would have had to stay overnight at S’s place and he quite literally regretted for not making it.

I reached my place just after midnight. S left me at my doorstep (!) and went home enjoying the walk at midnight. He says, “I should have some such walks. Middle of the night, with my mobile phone shrieking loud music in my ears, no one in sight, cold night, with just me and my thoughts.” Now how cool is this person?

By the way, M got down before me and she had quite a few people to accompany her to her place. I, M & S had a time of life on that simple-late-night journey back home which we will never forget for many years to come, I am sure M and S agree. Instead of getting irritated by the bus-service, traffic and getting agitated we enjoyed the journey. We relished a big huge Cadbury (courtesy S), cracked jokes, sang, hooted, clapped, called R to give updates, encouraged others and basically lived in the moment!

All things considered, all of us reached safely. Bless S, R & M!

M you are a dear!And I respect you a lot for reasons known to me and me alone...

Thanks to S and R for being such caring kind friends. What you did was quite out-of-the-ordinary. I am glad I have friends like you :)
I can’t seem to praise the three of you enough!

Furthermore, I would like to mention the flock I hang with, they are really incomparable and diverse minds. They all have something special in them. Each one of them has carved a mark on their own and are just as special. So taking the occasion in hand, I would thank them all for being who they are. Knowingly or unknowingly you have made a difference.


P.S.: I would have liked to elaborate more on the last note, but I feel ya’ll deserve a separate dedicated post to describe each one of you in detail. When I start appreciating you all, I can’t seem to stop. So stay tuned, it’s in pipeline.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Naïve passenger for the poetry bus...

I am Monstrously late for the bus this week. Argent is driving the bus here for DFTP...DFTP asks us to write about non-denominational wedding, but at the same time insists not to be slushy,tacky,cheesy or mention any religion or God.Writing about a wedding and not to be slushy is tough, but when has been a poetry bus ride easy. I have no personal experience of this, so I am running late for the bus. This poem is written in a hurry to catch the bus. I am writing this based on my observation. I've been observing the most lovely couple i know- my parents for now 24 years and this is just a jist of it.

My not-so fair life...
26 years to search you
Just a lifetime to hold you

Only a minute to kiss at I Do
A pout to say Will do

A smile to submit to you
An innocent lie to say no cue

A hug to coax me for work
An embrace to impede me leaving for work

A nudge to say speak up
A sideway glance to say shut up

A sigh to convince me
A raised eyebrow to question me

A punch to tell the truth
A peck to lie for you

A glance to make me forget everything
A wink to pull at my heart

You are a pill for a miracle life
A jewel for a lovely wife!
P.S.: I have no clue how the other passengers managed to pull through this, but they did it smoothly.

Monday, September 13, 2010

For the bus...

Heya all! I have been down with a terrible flu and couldnot hit this place for gosh(!) three whole weeks.And I missed two poetry busses and many wonderful reads. I will be catching up with all those pretty soon. Here's for one more striking poetry bus challenge given by Colorful Marion and she tells us to write on colors. Here you will find other passengers with their beautiful poems. :) Marion is influenced by yellow and it shows in her brilliant poem.

This one from me:


I wonder which white
-I am most fond of
Something in white
-ticks me off

Must be the silky white
-of my wedding gown
Or are those white tulips
-from the neighboring town

It oughto be the white of
-Christmas-stocking’s loaded sock
It gotto be the white of
-pearl under that shiny rock

Could be the milky white
-toothy-grin of her baby
Might be the white bear
-in her musical lullaby

Oh is it the white jumpiness
-to the road to altar
Maybe the white fear when
-caught puncturing a car

Yes it must be my gram’s
-Salt-n-pepper bushy hair
Or is it my granny’s
-buttercream-frosting’s share

Should be the twinkling white
-spread of glittery stars
It could be the white of
-dappled moon’s attar

But mostly it’s idyllic moments
-in every white
Something that strums
-in my heart so bright
& right.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

On the bus...early morning!

This week the po-tree bus is been driven by ever-enthusiastic Chiccoreal. She has given us three options and I have chosen the first option which says:


I am being absolutely, truly honest about the first thought that crossed my mind first thing today morning ( Guess that is what I think first thing every morning)

Morning Blues

When morning
dawns new beginning
when sunrise
breaks between two nights
Tangled in the sheets
freezing from the sleets
reliving the night
rendezvous under moonlight
I wake up, look at you
blank without a cue
hear you sing
merry old ding
munching on remnant sleep
canonized recitals
cajoling my siesta
humming in my ears
searching you with languid hands
eager for the contact
agitation vivid in my eyes
scratching my head
I finally holler mutely
Where is that danged stop button
on this alarm clock?

I stare blankly
time ticking away
cursing the unknown
fully awake
charged for the challenge

Monday, August 16, 2010

Onboard-Poetry bus!

An Inspirational writer, Enchanted Oak (Chris Alba) is driving the poetry bus engineered by superb writer Totalfeckineejit. Chris has given us two age-old pics as the prompt and this is my entry for the ticket. Please visit Chris's blog for reading the different versions of these pics putforth by wonderful fellow passengers.
Drifting Reality!
-Blue fingers, cold hands
itching to be set free
burning to sever those binds
breaking me from inside
suffocating, harrowing me
finding my way in the dark
aimless, helpless, powerless
hauled by devil himself
something screeching in the background
Yearning for attention
coming to my senses
whacked on head
I realize
the class is over.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


A belated Happy Independence to all my fellow Indians. Belated because, I had no net access yesterday :( but I wrote this yesterday(I swear!) and I'm posting it first thing today morning!
To my mom's surprise I was up early yesterday(At 6.00 am)! I went for a morning walk; saw kids going patriotic;flags being hoisted at various places. Oh I got nostalgic.I remembered my school days. I used to be in the singing group; the entire school listening to us while the flag was being hoisted. *sigh* miss those days...
Everywhere the rich tricolour was making it's mark and I just loved looking at it! It was a beautiful morning! :)

So here's wishing ya'll a Super Independence Day...
Enjoy the freedom...Be Good..Be Nice..Be Harmless!
I m trying my hands on writing a Haiku#
Independence is
when chains transform into silken strings-
'You' becomes a second self.
(Taking Inspiration from Dave:) )

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Catching the bus...


Jeanne Iris the birthday girl is driving the poetry bus this time on a very short notice.She has given us three options for this week. One is flash Fiction on Mid-summer memories and I am trying my hands on that...(This person is Somebody's Somebody...It was narrated to me one summer) Tough one but very inspirational.Some summers are not that playful, I realized it that day.



For the past one hour he was on the run, well aware that he had crossed the line.
But this is needed, he assured himself.

They had just won the peak ZZ2 and he had been instructed to distract the militia.
Hungry Alsatians snarling and yapping behind him; men following them.
He was running out of his breath keeping this charade.

Oh shut up you idiots! You are making me nervous. He silently cursed those barking dogs.
Which way next Jeff? Where next? There is a ravine about 2kms from here and this way I will have to scuttle more and I might end up dead early. No use; can’t go this way; I have to take the ravine.

He started sliding downstream, towards the ravine.
Yes this is the right one. This will take longer time for search.
Ha! Longer time, it’ll take an entire night.

He edged nearer to the ravine.
Now what?Jump down just like that?Nah…
He turned around and back again. You won’t have me that easily.

There was a tree at the edge of the ravine, with a foot’s distance between them. He ducked behind it and wrapped a big boulder with his blood smeared jacket and sent it rolling down the other side into the ravine.
Ha, gotcha…Now keep tracking me you hounds…

The Alsatians got confused. They could smell him in the ravine and along the edge upto the tree.
For a split second he leaned on the tree behind him, rested his head, closed his eyes and caught-up with his breath. He heard a rustling noise from the nearby bush. His alert mind missed a beat. It was a hare, but a terrified one. They stared at each other. He realized and looked down; he was standing on a rabbit hole. He stared back at the hare. What a melancholy? Both of them could not move. He wanted to buy time and the hare could have been a meal to those frustrated Berger Allemands. But at least one could survive.

One wrong move and it would all end. He moved his foot forward…
Now on the edge…
Little more…
A second passed…
And he slipped…
Into black awareness…
Into Time…
Under the epitaph in front of me…

As I looked on, I saw a hare climbing the grave stone. Clutched in his mouth was a daffodil still dripped in the morning dew. He placed it besides my fresh roses and nuzzled it.

We looked at each other and connected on an unknown level…
He bequeathed his life and love to us. We are in his debt for life.

“ What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”

Friday, August 6, 2010


I have been hitting this place only on Mondays these days.Thanks to the poetry bus (and shame on me!). Well, so I tried writing some. Nothing special, just a popcorn read, but may be worth it. I'm following "Keep writing" practice...


~An incredible sunset that was mistaken for a shady dawn.

“Do you remember the last time we came here?” she asked.
“’naw, but it’s been a long while” he said.

She looked at him and back again.
Sun was setting in…
But there was still some hope. Wishful thinking.

“So why are we here?”
“I was home alone. Wanted to be somewhere. With someone.”
“Why me?” she asked sending up a silent prayer.
“Why not you?”
She frowned.
Where was this wordplay going?
Silence settled between them.

“Will you believe me if I say there was a reason I could not speak to you for the past one year?” he broke the screeching silence.
“If you explain” she said.
He thought for a while and said “I have got something for you.”
He removed a book from his bag. It was a John Greg book My Confessions.
John Greg had been writing a wonderful column in the daily News High and was getting a lot of readers. His column was in huge demand.

Wait! John Greg was going to release his first book on the morrow.

She enquired hastily, “How did you get this copy? It’s going to hit the stores tomorrow. It’s going to be released tomorrow…”
“By the author? I know” he completed.
She was stunned. Warning bells banging in her head.

“Don’t look at me like that.”
“Somebody might sue you, do you know that?” she cried.
He sighed and said, “This is author’s personal draft copy and he wants to dedicate it to…you!”

Her eyes widened. She screamed, “What? Do you mean You.Are.The.John.Greg?”
“Yep! That’s me.”
He smiled at the myriad of expressions on her face.
She repeated, “You.Are.The.John.Greg.”
“Look, the fact is not going to change. Do you want it or not?”
“Like hell, Yes!”
She grabbed the copy and hugged him tightly.

Serenity of the bright moonlit night settled…

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Verification Poem

I'm very very late to catch the poetry bus this time, n I'm not sure a ticket is still available for me!
The poetry bus, started by TotalFeckinEejit, driven by the ever-intelligent sciencegirl NanU, wants us to write a poem on:
We are all familiar with those wiggly almost-words used to verify that a blogger leaving a comment is in fact an actual blogger and not a machine. Yes. Those words are your mission. Collect them this week. Pick your favorite, or several, and include it/them in your poem.
Verification words that I have used are: Mupin, Taire, Spome, haily.
Here goes my poem:

Toddler Bites
That l’il toddler next door
Has a funny little lingo
Uttering his first-words
is the mighty flamingo .

Wants’ a sugary Mupin(muffin)
dipped in sweet jammy
wrinkles his bunny-nose
when it gets all clammy .

Sitting on the Taire(Stair)
on my corbie-step
babbles out my name
and I know a prank is in prep.

Cereal in his Spome(Spoon)
Lobs them on floor
Cajoles his mamma
with a giggly implore.

Sleeps at the tick of nine
Tucked with a haily(hairy) bear
To a bed-time story
of a wary mare.

Dreams of a housie-mousey
wakes with a weepy uproar
such an innocent pirate
is the l’il toddler next door

Monday, July 26, 2010

Some comical moments- for a ticket to poetry bus

Niamh B is the poetry bus driver this week. She tells us to write something on confusion see here...
Ohh she has written one beautiful poem herself...
This is my entry for buying a ticket. This has really happened, so it's no invention.As I think about it now, I can't stop laughing. Good god! For the life of me, when you are sleepy, go and sleep instead of doing such antic things at night.

Confusion was writ large
as I saw an admiral’s barge
that seemed like a sergeant’s targe.
‘twas some work of art
with a spray of mossy colors
melting into that one street light
on a full moon night.
As I looked on thinking
bewilderment pasted on my face
little portrait budged.
My heart took a sudden leap
cause it was a man asleep
on a wooden wheel cart
abut a painted wall
beneath a tree tall.
Scurrying into my room
took a deep long breath
burst into a roaring chortle
on my murky vision
or on my sleepy conclusion.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week's Poetry Challenge

Argent the Super Poetry bus driver of the week has set a challenge Tunnel of (unrequited) Love/Excursion to the Comedy Store Check here
This is my entry as I hop on to the bus...

He said
I Do
It was not for me
He said
love you
Empathy whispered it’s not true

One bridesmaid was I
Was happy or was it a lie
She was my friend for life
He was the reason of my life

Elegant, neat he had a black bow tie
I chided and suppressed a sigh
Lavenders and tulips blossomed all around
Colors got lost, smile faded, grief profound
Toasts raised, cake cut served with sweet pies
He was oblivious of the love floating in my eyes

Shattered, I felt like a loner on seashore
Well, there goes one more
Searching & screening the ecstatic crowd
I saw many peas in the same pod
Sailing in the ship of
Just Dumped, oh god

Cracked open a bottle, I sipped & slurped
Got drunk and waved
That free beer that cost my heart
Tell you what, finding a guy is an art
Here I come, I said aloud
Winking I dived in to the crowd.

"The Poetry Bus Challenge!", by Dominic

Okay! So I m trying my hands on Dominic's assignment n hopping on the poetry bus for the first time...This was a bit difficult...n i suppose m the last one to hop on...

But just about the background..I would suggest don't try this at home, i literally landed up getting screwed...
I was about to write on my mom's handbag, but my sanity saved me on time...Do all writers go in a trance when something comes up in their mind?
I hope not...

I wrote it on a plastic carry bag...*phew*
It does come handy sometimes...

I know it is not legible, so i'll decipher it for you

:: Features so sharp, blunt is the built...
Press it & tips tilt...
Ideas clack when it's put on paper...
Runs wild when ends taper..
~ A Pencil

Friday, July 9, 2010

Season’s Greetings!

There it was. Blink. Then it was not.
It stopped. No it did not.

Plop. Plop. Plop.

It came rushing.
I looked up. Felt it coming, curling down my face. Cool, reviving.
I could smell it, sense it. Something was new, changed.

Plop. Plop. Plop.

I perked up. A wicked smile formed its way.
Mischief danced in those eyes.

Plop. Plop. Plop.

I embraced the freshness. Energy reigned over.
On my toes, I tapped round n round.
Eyes closed, humming, legs waltzed.

Plop. Plop. Plop.

Blushing Earth, trembling violets, rickety steps…
Soggy splashes, drenched spirits…
Arresting moments, carved memoirs…
Forgotten memories, forgiven souls…

Plop. Plop. Plop.

Clouds parted & chuckled, Lightning shrieked…
Roofs clattered, branches dripped…
Raindrops shrugged…

Plop. Plop. Plop.

Joy sprinkled, vigor whisked…
Something unsettled, then unruffled…
Serenity clamored…

P.S.: Monsoon is here and it’s the first shower.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Tribute to...HIM

They were walking hand in hand on a sea shore. It was a nice, quiet and clear night.

Cool breeze was blowing around them. They were enjoying the roaring sea to the fullest.

It was a very unusual couple, the man being much too older than the girl. But the love between them was evident from the way they were looking at each other.
He was wearing a Black tuxedo with a white shirt underneath it. She was dressed up in a rich red frock flowing till her knees. They had just left a party behind them.

They were so much into each other that it was difficult to identify where one started and the other ended.

“So, are you enjoying the night?” he asked.
“Yes...Yes…It’s so lovely out here with you”, she said.

The expression on his face got tears in her eyes. He was so pleased to hear that he could make her happy.

“I have got something for you” he said and removed a box from the inner pocket of his coat.

It was a flat rectangular red box with a white bow neatly arranged on the front of it. A card was attached atop it.
He handed the gift to her. Beaming with happiness she opened the attached card.

It read: For my Lovely Princess, With Loads of Love.

She read it and gave an ecstatic kiss on his cheek. She slowly opened the gift without tearing the wrapper. The box held a diamond crown of the finest quality. She just gaped at it open mouthed.

He removed the crown and fixed it over her head and said, “There you go my princess”.

“What do you want in return?” she asked.
“Be happy like this forever. Keep smiling… With or without me…“, he said.

They were so absorbed in themselves that they did not see a mob of drunken men approaching them.

When they realized it, it was too late. They were surrounded by the thugs, calling them names the girl might have never heard off. The girl clutched his arm tightly and he held on to her. The next moment, both of them were separated. The men removed knives from their pockets and shoes and started slashing them on their arms, faces and across their necks. They were tossed from one man to the other, every time kicked more painstakingly. The girl kept screaming his name and the man kept leaning towards her in vain.

At a point the man bent abruptly with all his energy and grabbed as much sand in his hand as he could muster and threw it in the eyes of the men holding the girl. The grip on the girl loosened and she shook herself free. She tried to help the man but the man asked her to run for her life.

“Go…Abby...Run. I will take care of here. Just go Abby.” He kept saying.

Abby ran for her life with as much pace she could manage. She kept running and looking back until she was too far to locate the man anymore.

She ran with all her might not knowing where she was heading for, until she saw a family. She reached them and collapsed. All the running and cuts exhausted her and she fainted before telling the family “There...He…needs help…help him...Please…Please help him” and blackness took over her.

She slowly opened her eyes to a pair of worried little eyes staring back at her. It was her dad on a wheelchair. She was in pain from all her bruises and cuts; she may as well have been dead.

Slowly the night came back to her: the beach, the drunken men and her father fighting them.

She squealed abruptly, “Dad! How are you? Did they hurt you? Are you ok? You look tired.”

Seeing his little girl coming to life again he just smiled and hugged her tightly.
He was not a man who would give way to his emotions so easily but he could not control the feeling of relief and worry flowing through his tears.

She remembered his words “Be happy like this forever. Keep smiling… With or without me…” and smiled with tears in her eyes.

He fought those men till Abby could reach to safety. The entire neighborhood had come to his rescue, when Abby had gone screaming to safety.

Unaware of their surroundings, they did not notice everybody leaving the room silently smiling away at the lovely father-daughter duo...

A Belated Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddy’s around the World.
Hey Dad just wanted to remind you, You are my hero… :) :) :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Outright Bored!!!

Mood: Dull!!
Music: “Tandoori Nights” (Why! Bcoz I am damned bored to even change the radio channel :-/)

I wonder why I am so bored today…I guess the music they are playing on the radio is the supreme reason…I mean Tandoori Nights early in the morning at 7.30 a.m!!!!
Yikes! Spare me please…

The other reason why the day is so dull is because I have no work today…It’s I don’t know after how many days or may be for the first time that I am sitting idle. The workaholic me is finding it hard to believe leisure at work bcoz such a thing just does not exist :-/

But…Well! I have my space today; No Work, No Nosey Manager who will monitor my pc all the time and voila it’s a Friday!!! And I still don’t find anything exciting about the day…that’s pretty bad, there is no hope for me...

Its India vs Zimbabwe cricket match today and India is not doing well…That’s the third reason. Buckle up guys!!! People back home are straining their eyes and ears (literally) to get the latest score. India is batting first. In between songs like Tandoori Nights they are announcing run-outs…Shit how bad can this get!

Fourth reason is the terrible heat in Pune. God please send a cool shower down as soon as possible. Please Please Please. Everyday I head back home and the house is an over-sized cooker…Get out of the house to get some relief and hot air blows smack on your face…Ugggh!

Ok! Enough of getting bored…I have to do something to get out of this rut…
Reading, Yes that's it…Yaaayyy! All ya bloggers out there, here I come…

P.S. My Motto “Seize The Day” always works for me. Try it!

P.P.S. Unexpected as it may seem, my second post has come out quite early (Even for me!)…After-effects of getting blog-rolled I guess ;)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ohh Yes...That's me!

So I start blogging today, though I have been here from a long time and have read so many of them...Writing is quite contagious or at least I am not immune to it. 
What better way to start it than by writing about myself.
I am a Comp. Engineer and no I have not done MS or or MBA and do not want any such advices on why and how it is necessary (I don’t consider it as “Roti, Kapda, Makan followed by MS” as basics of an Engineer’s life). I have already gone through that tirade of speeches and am still not convinced. I am happily working, reading, writing and yeah baby..Earning!!! These degrees are just going to fetch me more money but I still would be reading, writing and WORKING! :-/

I am a through and through Mumbai girl. Since the past two and half years I have been roaming around different places for work. (By Places I mean B’lore, Hyd and now Pune) *sigh* I miss Mumbai n my family so very much. Why cant companies just send people to cities of their choice?

They say that I care a lot (hell lot..) about people even remotely connected to me.
That comes naturally to me from my family I guess…I have been brought up like that and love being that way. I place a lot of importance on Trust and I instantly dislike the person who breaches it. I believe in people. Everything else follows behind. I give a lot of importance to my Family, Friends n well..Foes :D. They are an eternal part of my life. I always need somebody to do certain things like: eat, shop, watch a movie, freak out, play pranks… But I need complete privacy when: I am reading some good fiction (which you will find me doing wheneva I am free) with gr8 Music playing in the background or when I am sitting on a sea-shore or under a quite star-studded night. Sea-shores and star-studded nights might sound a bit melodramatic but still they are my favorite. Though staying in Mumbai, I never lived near the sea-shore so they fascinate me a lot and as for moon-lit and star-studded nights they are rare these days what with this pollution.
I am an absolute workaholic, give and take a few odd jobs ;) I have this insane habit of going and helping people keeping my work aside, insane because I overdo it sometimes. But I still manage to complete mine. But I suppose this is common amongst all workaholics…or may be not.

I have a pretty complex mind. But so does everybody. Eva had a look at Human brains? I think a lot is what everybody says. Idle mind is a devil's workshop u c!
I twist even simple things..Hmmm…yeah I know. It is very complicated to think simple or may be I just entwine things a lot.

I have anger on my nose all the time, (:-s) it wasn’t evident before. But some incidents in life have made it pretty prominent these days. So I seem to go with the “Don’t mess with me” Sign these days. But my anger cools down at the speed it rises up. It’s just a momentary thing, it just explodes one minute and cools down the next minute. I basically go into defensive mood most of the time when this happens, but I tend to keep quite in such situations. It’s very difficult for me to scream out all the fury from my system on the concerned person. I generally leave the place quietly.
I hate comparisons. I simply can’t stand them. Every person is unique in their own right, accept it!! Stop being judgmental for once and try to appreciate the person for what she/he is…if you are skilled in one thing, then the other is skilled in some other skill. “Good, Better, Best” are relative terms. Beat yourself, it’s a better competition!!!

I follow cricket very closely and I play it as well. Other games which I like are basketball, throw ball. I am not much into Football, F1; but if my friends like to watch them I gladly join in. I am a good company to say so. And I am a damn good listener. People come to my desk and talk, talk and talk. That’s majorly because I don’t talk much and I end up listening to others (And I don’t mind it either, I am all ears to u, if u have something to say). People come with their frustrations, problems, good news. I gladly take all of it and give my valuable advices/responses/hmmms n ohhhs (they are so needed in a one-sided conversation).
I just recently found out that I love cooking. It refreshes me completely. I get very excited when I am doing something other than just eating or being a silent observer in the kitchen. I really like cutting vegetables and preparing curries. I am not a very good cook, but I manage preparing edible food. I am not a very big foodie either..I DO NOT like Paneer, Mushroom, Cheese, Pizzas and Burgers and I get heavily cursed for this because it possesses an immediate problem of limited hangout places :-/

I love sketching and I have made some few in PL during Engineering days. Right! Just the time when we were supposed to study, I used to sketch. No charcoal pencils involved.

I read a lot of fiction and I am a hopeless romantic (Yes, I am! Does that surprise you?). So you will find me with a romantic fiction most of the time. I have no qualms if you call me a typical girl for that (hmmm...that does sound like a typical girl!). But yes I am strictly against typical melodramas and philosophy over-done, they bug me to death. But, I simply love the way some people think and write. I like Sarcasm here and there in any write up. Some authors just awe me by their writing and I appreciate anybody who writes sense. Some of them have inspired me into writing. I am your girl if you have a good sense of humor or if you can at least appreciate it. So if you were thinking I am a tough nut to crack, and then let me break this to u, I am a thorough Gemini at heart (If you know what I mean). I just want to clear a common myth about Gemini people, No we are not two-faced nor do we have multiple personalities, accept it! And if you think we are, I find half the crowd like that. Most people fake themselves and I hate that attitude. Be yourself, it is such a good change!

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else”. ~Judy Garland
I truly believe in it!

So that’s precisely all about me…Period!
As I always say, you are your best Critic…So you keep on changing all your life…