Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just me and Just you.....

Caught up in my book of memories
with every turn of these crunchy pages
I recall each solitary moment
we spent in cradle of happiness

A nudge here, a kick there
a grin for shared private joke,
a wink for a stolen coke,
a hug for euphoric madness,
a lunatic day of total shoplift,
a panic on burnt food
- nothing to eat,
a joint cry on onion peel
or was it a combined cry for no from him?

A shout on unruliness,
an understanding silence,
a push for confidence,
a pull of remembrance,
a dance in new outfits,
a whisper on heard tidbits,
a fight with wooden spoons,
a drink on twilight moons,
a prank on ungrateful neighbor,
a gossip of hard day’s labor;
-each page gracefully enfolds
an album of reminiscences

I challenged that sky
with the vastness of my joy
when I found a hand to hold
with a heart of gold
Friends better entwined than us
God kept them for himself
For you are my closest friend
And I am yours, too
We're stuck to each other
Just me and just you