Monday, September 5, 2011

A dry spell...

abandoned farm, Dublin, Ohio

Raking the stillness
I leant on hope
watching memory gravels
clogging my rusty desires
and I fell on a lost trail
wounding my pride.
I yearn for warmth
of a woolen caress
to smooth wrinkled needs.
I search sunshine
in the blazing wet spirits
burning my feisty soul
I hear a cough
from mislaid wishes
mowing at wry silence
I believe it is
a momentary interlude
trespassing my life
I trust it will pass
with the rolling wheel of time
into a new dawn
bringing shimmer of faith.

~ET 06/09/2011

Written for Magpie tales #81.I tampered with the brightness of the pic,my apologies! Do visit other takes on this prompt:)


Cad said...

memory gravels ?

They make a rough road to follow, that's for sure...

suvaiba fatima ahmed said...

Raking the stillness
I leant on hope

it defines the core of the poem
ahh HOPE ... its such an UNPREDICTABLE word
kudOz for the poem..!
i like it..!
keep writing

Mystic_Mom said...

I love this! Love it! "Raking the stillness, leaning on hope" So well done!

Spiritual Sinner said...

je baat !
Loved it :D

Gerry Snape said...

lovely rolling words that play around in my mouth as I read it out loud! thankyou!

R. Ramesh said...

hi thanks friend 4 passing by..good blog yours..cheers:)

Nicholas V. said...

Beautiful and melancholy, like the whistling of the wind as it swirls the dust of a sere landscape. These are soulful words crafted into a satisfying whole...

Bikramjit said...

and Faith is important to do something great in life ..


gautami tripathy said...

Good one!

hitching a ride in rusted trails

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

I love the four last lines...


Jo Bryant said...

There is a lot to like in this poem - but my fav lines are these : I hear a cough
from mislaid wishes -
beautifully expressed

Ramesh Sood said...

This is nicely written.. well thought light.. each line kind of sculpted.. for any discerning mind to understand.. signs of good poetry indeed...

....Petty Witter said...

Hand on heart stuff, thanks for sharing.

anilkurup said...

Seemed the farm was speaking.A good peiece

Suz said...

ah, that thing called memory
it comes and goes

Carrie Burtt said...

A beautiful write....:-)

Stafford Ray said...

There is not much more depressing than abandoned dreams but as you say all we need is a glimmer of hope! Beautifully written.

li said...

Lots of wordplay here, which I like! And it makes me think of writer's block...

Lena said...

Simply wonderful. My fave line :

'I yearn for warmth of a woolen caress to smooth wrinkled needs'

ShonEjai said...

I love it from the very beginning. Good job!

Anonymous said...

This one seemed to pull me in several directions at once, but I grabbed ont the hope aspect and held it. Wonderful writing. Thought provoking.

Zeba said...

So may layers. Beautiful ones all. Sigh.

Alka Gurha said...

Faith triumphs..beautiful weave.

R. Ramesh said...


suvaiba fatima ahmed said...

thankyou for visiting my BLOG..! :)
pleasure reading your poem..!
great lines ..!
tc..! :)

Erratic Thoughts said...

Yes I agree :)

Thank you for such encouraging words:)

Erratic Thoughts said...

:) Thank you,glad you liked it!

@Spiritual Sinner
:D Awai kuch likh diya

Erratic Thoughts said...

@Gerry Snape
Thank you:)

Thank you for dropping by:)

Erratic Thoughts said...

@Nicholas V.
you gave such a lovely description of the melancholy in it!Thank you for that:)

Exactly :)

Erratic Thoughts said...

Thank you:)

@JJ Roa Rodriguez
Glad you liked them:)

Erratic Thoughts said...

@Jo Bryant
Thank you so much:)

I hope so:)
Thank you for dropping by..

Erratic Thoughts said...


Thank you:)

Erratic Thoughts said...

It does,isn't it?
Thank you!

Thank you:)

Erratic Thoughts said...

Yes and we have to move on!
Thank you for your kind words:)


Erratic Thoughts said...

Thank you so much for such encouraging words:)

Glad you liked it:)

Erratic Thoughts said...

Thank you so much:)

What a lovely thing to say:)
Thank you...

Erratic Thoughts said...

Thank you:)

I sometimes go dormant on my own blog :D

Anytime lady,you have a cool blog:)
Thank you for your compliment...

Mona said...

I like the expression of woolen touch to smoothen the wrinkles. Of course it is best to take life in a stride, as it comes. All & everything is a part of life, even the interludes!

Love the lyric!

Erratic Thoughts said...

Thank you,glad you liked it:)