Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Animated bus ride!

Rachel Fox drives the poetry bus this week and she has given an interesting prompt for ride.
This is my ticket for the ride-

Tom & Jerry

Roll n Spin, Spin n Roll
my eyes crawl along their trail
Hoping, jumping, chasing
Tom hunts Jerry, or
my hazy mind asks
is it Jerry hunting Tom?

Jerry’s shrewd attempts
wrecking, stomping
Tom’s feline femme seductions,
unrelenting struggles
to slice, chomp Tom
or chipping his tail
under that waffle iron,
hitting him with mace, club, mallet
brings out lion-in-Tom.

Cheese” meows Tom,
clicks Jerry in gobbledygook trap,
stashing him between bread crumbs
sautés amid lettuces, creamy pottages
in peppery & salty layers.

Loving & hating
they come to you
mind you!
they will saunter
in & out of one room
to other, then comes kitchen
followed by garden
two musketeers
will create mayhem
& humiliate laughing gasps
out of you.


Rachel Fox said...

Positively breathless!

Helen said...

You have 'SO' captured the action and antics of those two wonderful characters!

Argent said...

I used ot love Tom & Jerry - the ones before they had them talking were the best. You caught the rough and tumble really well.

Erratic Thoughts said...

@ Rachel Thank you for such an interesting bus ride.I will be doing rounds to each and every poem in sometime :)

@Helen I tried my best to do so :)

@Argent Thank you so much :)