Thursday, October 7, 2010

Magpie #35...

Willow's Magpie Tales is up with a new prompt...Oh God! There comes a next one, in a blink of an eye!

I have two pieces for this:

Take #1

“It’s amber or…hmph…may be chrome yellow” she said.

“It’s dark yellow, I think”, he said.

“There is nothing known as dark yellow”

“Why is that? If you can have dark green or brown, what’s wrong with dark yellow?”

“No! It could be Urobilin or Goldenrod” her chin going up.

“Ahh…could be what?” he gave a no-clue expression.

“I said…”, then she looked up at the stranger beside her “Urobilin?...Goldenrod?” giving him a duh expression.

He shrugged with a blank expression.

“Let’s ask the artist. Who is it by the way? Do you know him?”

Narrowing her eyes and searching for a name on the painting…
”It’s some Nick Tad”, he interrupted.

“Ohh, do you know him?” she started scanning the room.

He removed his hands from his pockets, uncurling them first; pressed his lips tightly.
Coughing “Hi, this is Nick Tad and it’s dark yellow”, he informed.

Turning around, he left the room smiling; leaving behind a gaping completely insulted lassie.

Take #2
Arid, dry they fall
without a din
along a calm breeze
waving, swinging
back and forth
beckoning autumn
blithely ardent
lay in a golden-stretch
those aged leaves.

Churned, stomped
underneath a sadist being
they soar edgily
flinging dust
now making noise
summoning winter
sullenly somnolent
lay in a earthy-mellow
those aged leaves.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Loved that!!

Dark yellow, indeed.

Dave King said...

The second take is for me. I really like it.

Erratic Thoughts said...

@Jason :D Actually I am one of those few females, who have dead brains when it comes to colours other than the normal 7 colours!

@Dave Thank you :)

....Petty Witter said...

Yeah, its the verse for me as well.

Friko said...

I like the poem too; I don't suppose you get much autumn in Mumbai.
Thanks for visiting,

Antriksh Satyarthi said...

whoa... i admit.. I didn't see the twist coming in take# 1

AND m very bad with Poems and Proses...
but somehow I could relate with the take# 2 of yours...

Thanks :) for finally being the one who was able to drill through my dead poetic part :D

Raj said...

lmao. so is it dark yellow?

btw ur about me thing is marvellous. r u?

Erratic Thoughts said...

@Tracy(Petty Witter) Thank You...

@Friko You are absolutely right...Autumn is quite rare here...
Thanks for dropping by :)

Erratic Thoughts said...

@Antriksh :D I am so glad you could relate to the Poem. Even for me,verses hit gradually n bit by bit.Poets are too clever a group for me...

@Raj It's Dark Yellow, yes!:D
Thank you...I think I mite be...ohh the modest me doesnt like to admit it so easily :D

Jinksy said...

summoning winter

Perish the thought! LOL :)

Erratic Thoughts said...

@Jinksy haha.Sure...:D

Lydia said...

Oh yes, that verse is so good! I really like that Magpie and can see/feel the whole scene.

Erratic Thoughts said...

@Lydia Thank you so much:)

Alakaline said...

loved the story.. very nice..

Erratic Thoughts said...

@Alkaline Thank you so very much :)

meena said...

Awsome..awsome..awsome..i hope and wish that my kids read ur poems as syllabus in their school.

Erratic Thoughts said...

@Meena Ohmigod Thank you so much...You made my day!This went straight to my heart....:)
Thank you...

Different Strokes said...

Take# 1 is classic! ...