Friday, August 6, 2010


I have been hitting this place only on Mondays these days.Thanks to the poetry bus (and shame on me!). Well, so I tried writing some. Nothing special, just a popcorn read, but may be worth it. I'm following "Keep writing" practice...


~An incredible sunset that was mistaken for a shady dawn.

“Do you remember the last time we came here?” she asked.
“’naw, but it’s been a long while” he said.

She looked at him and back again.
Sun was setting in…
But there was still some hope. Wishful thinking.

“So why are we here?”
“I was home alone. Wanted to be somewhere. With someone.”
“Why me?” she asked sending up a silent prayer.
“Why not you?”
She frowned.
Where was this wordplay going?
Silence settled between them.

“Will you believe me if I say there was a reason I could not speak to you for the past one year?” he broke the screeching silence.
“If you explain” she said.
He thought for a while and said “I have got something for you.”
He removed a book from his bag. It was a John Greg book My Confessions.
John Greg had been writing a wonderful column in the daily News High and was getting a lot of readers. His column was in huge demand.

Wait! John Greg was going to release his first book on the morrow.

She enquired hastily, “How did you get this copy? It’s going to hit the stores tomorrow. It’s going to be released tomorrow…”
“By the author? I know” he completed.
She was stunned. Warning bells banging in her head.

“Don’t look at me like that.”
“Somebody might sue you, do you know that?” she cried.
He sighed and said, “This is author’s personal draft copy and he wants to dedicate it to…you!”

Her eyes widened. She screamed, “What? Do you mean You.Are.The.John.Greg?”
“Yep! That’s me.”
He smiled at the myriad of expressions on her face.
She repeated, “You.Are.The.John.Greg.”
“Look, the fact is not going to change. Do you want it or not?”
“Like hell, Yes!”
She grabbed the copy and hugged him tightly.

Serenity of the bright moonlit night settled…


Anonymous said...

I liked this a lot. A potent sweetness to it. You also paced it naturally.

Dave King said...

Really good. And the ending gave it a smart shut tight feel.

Gwei Mui said...

Oh this is good, really good. I love the ending.

desiderata said...

Hi ET,

Thanks for visiting Desi's, and also crossing paths at Jason's CoN where I "con" an occasional American byte!

I arrived here "late" to join the poetry bus, but I do pen a few too myself, so hear it todie for you and Szf and Jason&Parrish via Lonesome Road:), Gb, YL, Desi

Makarand said...

Simply good!!!!!!

Erratic Thoughts said...

@Jason Thank you so much:)

@Dave :D Thanx...

@GM Thanq :):)

@Desi Oh Thanx for dropping by, I am coming for your poem in a minute :)

@Dad Thank you so much...This was a pleasent surprise.I feel blessed :):):):)

Lydia said...

You have a wonderful way with writing dialogue. It is quite difficult for me and I admire how easy you make it seem in this piece.

Erratic Thoughts said...

@Lydia Thank you so much...:)
I value your comment a lot...
You are one of my fav writer :)

~G said...

Hey ET. You got a poetry blog! Wow!!
I'll spend time reading them carefully (cos I am a bit slow on understanding poetry)
You are also in technology and from Mumbai/Pune. :) Same pinch!

Originally from Mumbai working in Pune is my guess, correct eh?

Erratic Thoughts said...

Hey ~G, Bingo...That's a smooth guess and it's exactly right.
"Originally from Mumbai working in Pune " :D
This place is open for you anytime :)
You are always welcome:)