Sunday, August 15, 2010


A belated Happy Independence to all my fellow Indians. Belated because, I had no net access yesterday :( but I wrote this yesterday(I swear!) and I'm posting it first thing today morning!
To my mom's surprise I was up early yesterday(At 6.00 am)! I went for a morning walk; saw kids going patriotic;flags being hoisted at various places. Oh I got nostalgic.I remembered my school days. I used to be in the singing group; the entire school listening to us while the flag was being hoisted. *sigh* miss those days...
Everywhere the rich tricolour was making it's mark and I just loved looking at it! It was a beautiful morning! :)

So here's wishing ya'll a Super Independence Day...
Enjoy the freedom...Be Good..Be Nice..Be Harmless!
I m trying my hands on writing a Haiku#
Independence is
when chains transform into silken strings-
'You' becomes a second self.
(Taking Inspiration from Dave:) )


desiderata said...

Happy ap AP ap Independence Day, "doubly belated" ill elated:)Thanks for leaving thy appreciation of my lonesome poem/pome! YL, Desi PS:I also wrote about India's Ind last/lust year...need to check bak my archives!:)

Erratic Thoughts said...

@Desi Thank you so much! :)
I like the way you use words...:)